MPs Fakes Climbing Snap And Internet Loses It With Memes

This MP has spawned countless memes after posting a snap apparently showing him climbing a dangerous glacier before eagle-eyed netizens rotated the snap and claimed he was faking it.

French Twitter is awash with memes parodying French MP Eric Woerth after he posted this picture apparently showing him scaling a dangerous ice cliff face up a mountain.

There are Star Wars memes, King Kong memes, Lord of the Rings memes, and plenty others.

Eagle-eyed netizens pointed out some elements in the picture that appear to be a little odd. They have claimed there are two people in the background and the MP’s zipper is defying gravity. They claim that the picture was rotated to make it look like the politician was scaling an arduous icy cliff face when he was actually on all fours.

Netizens were indeed quick to point out that Woerth’s zip seems to defy gravity, as do his two “friends” in the background, who appear to be walking up the mountain the former Minister is supposedly climbing.

Memes mocking the MP quickly followed, as did local media reports about the awkward moment for the politician.

A netizen called ‘Bruno Questal’ simply said: “Dear colleague, I can now better comprehend your incapacity to appreciate the curves of improvement of our economy given that you seem to confuse horizontal and vertical…”

Many netizens drew comparisons between Woerth and Adam West’s Batman climbing up the side of a building with Robin.

Other memes show him on the moon, scaling the Great Wall of China, climbing up Mount Doom in Mordor (a Lord of the Rings reference), or even scaling the Death Star from Star Wars.

One image shows him climbing up the side of the Empire State Building with King Kong and another shows him scaling the Burj Khalifa in Dubai.

Woerth has denied any tampering or manipulation, doubling down and claiming the image is genuine, but netizens remain sceptical, sparking the proliferation of countless hilarious memes poking fun at the picture.

Woerth is a famous climber and French politician. The 63-year-old is an MP in the French equivalent to Parliament, which is called the Assemblee Nationale. He is currently the President of the Assemblee’s Finances Commission (‘La Commission des Finances’).

Pic Shows: And then there were the memes; This MP has become a laughing stock online after posting a snap apparently showing him climbing a dangerous glacier but netizens claim he simply rotated the picture leading to countless funny memes.

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Story By: Joseph GolderSub-Editor: Alex Cope, Agency: Central European News

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