Money Laundering: Brit family Hid Cash In Detergent Box

Astonished customs officers found this car driven by a British family stuffed with over 100,000 GBP in cash hidden in bundles that had been stashed in crisp packets, sanitary pads and even nappies.

They even found bundles of cash hidden in boxes of white powder laundry detergent, prompting online commentators to joke that they were money launderers.

The car was selected for a routine check when it was stopped at the Gradina border crossing with Bulgaria on 13th July.

Officers decided to go through the car carefully where they found some of the cash, and then a more thorough search revealed even more bundles of cash totalling an incredible 100,000 GBP.

According to a press statement from the Customs Administration of Serbia, the family of four who all had British passports said they were on their way to Turkey in an Audi with British plates.

They said that the family, which included parents and 2 children, whose names and ages were not given, had previously told the customs officers that they only had regular luggage and a small amount of cash in the car estimated at around 6,000 GBP.

But when the car was taken for a detailed inspection, officers quickly found a bag of bread which had been stuffed with cash.

The officers then began an even more thorough search and found more banknotes in boxes and packets of nappies, wet wipes, sanitary pads, laundry detergent and kitchen towels.

Images show the huge amount of cash the officer found, with the press statement saying the money totalled 101,705 GBP.

The officers also found 6,650 EUR in the bag of the 46-year-old driver. The statement says each family member was returned the equivalent of 10,000 EUR making a total of 40,000 EUR (approximately 36,219 GBP), the permitted amount to be carried in cash across the border.

The remaining amount of around 71,555 GBP was retained by the officers until the end of the misdemeanour proceedings that the customs officials started against the family.

It is unclear if the family were allowed to continue on their journey or were forced to remain in Serbia until the end of the proceedings.

It is unclear why the family had so much money in the car.

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Story By:  Ana MarjanovicSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency:  Newsflash

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