Moment Wolf Comes Across Huge Dozing Bear In Forest

This is the moment a wolf comes across a dozing bear in the middle of a Russian forest and quickly scarpers out of its way.

The incident was captured by a motion-activated camera set up in the forest near the village of Chelmuzhi in the district of Medvezhyegorsky located in the north-western Russian republic of Karelia.

Privately-owned motion cameras are installed in the forested region to detect animals and their movements.

Video Credit: CEN

In the footage, a wolf is seen sniffing the ground as two bright eyes stare at it in the background.

As the wolf slowly approaches, the bear stirs and raises its head.

Before the huge bear can even get to its feet, the wolf scarpers to safety.

After being disturbed, the bear then stands its ground for a moment.

Credit: CEN
The bear and wolf meeting each other

The camera owner Alexander Belyavskiy said: “The wolf entered the territory that was first claimed by the bear.

“The wolf wisely declined to become embroiled in a ‘discussion’ over the territory and quickly ran away. It knew better than to mess with a big bear.”

According to local media, it is believed that both animals arrived in the area at the same time due to bait that was placed there by hunters.

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Story By:  Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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