Moment White Attorney Spits In Face Of Black Protester

This is the moment a white attorney spits at a black teen during a BLM protest before shoving an activist who quizzed her about “spitting on a kid” the following day.

The 64-year-old attorney, named as Stephanie Rapkin from the village of Shorewood in the county of Milwaukee in the US state of Wisconsin, also kneed a cop in the groin when he came to arrest her for shoving an activist, according to reports.

A spokesperson for Shorewood police said that Rapkin resisted arrest and kneed a police officer in the groin on 7th May.

Credit: CEN/@caressgonzalezramirez23

She had been taken into police custody the previous day for spitting on a teenager during a Black Lives Matter (BLM) protest on North Oakland Avenue, according to local media.

In the first video, Rapkin is seen arguing with several protesters who want her to move her car.

A group of black activists approaches her and the attorney appears to spit in the face of a young man.

Tensions flare and several people shield the elderly woman and usher her away.

In the second video, filmed on Sunday afternoon, Rapkin is seen being confronted by two activists outside her home who accuse her of “spitting on a kid”.

She turns her back and walks towards her front door before spinning on her heels and arguing back with the activists.

To demonstrate that she felt intimidated by the 17-year-old boy she admits to spitting on, Rapkin walks up to the cameraman saying “but when somebody comes up to you like this” and she then appears to shove him.

Credit: CEN/@debra.brehmer

The cameraman says: “You just put your hands on me, that is assault right there.”

Rapkin then blows the man an ironic kiss.

According to the Shorewood police, the cameraman reported Rapkin to the authorities, and when officers came to arrest her for battery and disorderly conduct, she resisted their attempts to handcuff her.

A police statement said: “The victim in today’s incident reported he was peacefully protesting on the sidewalk in front of suspect’s home, when the suspect came out and engaged in a verbal altercation with the protesters.

“The victim reported the suspect then slapped both of her hands on the victim’s chest and physically pushed him.”

According to the police, Rapkin is now facing charges of battery, disorderly conduct, battery to a law enforcement officer, and resisting/obstructing an officer.

The investigation is ongoing.

Credit: CEN/@girlgemini

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