Moment Rescued Bear Cubs Devour Snowman Filled With Treats

This is the moment three cute bear cubs devour a snowman stuffed with treats at a rescue centre in the Ukraine.

The footage was shared online by the Four Paws animal welfare organisation, which founded the Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr in 2013 to protect animals involved in bear baiting and dog fighting.

Four Paws spokesperson Michael told Newsflash: “Three of these bears, Jenny, Toby and Moris, were rescued in July 2021 as they were being exploited as photo subjects for tourists.

FOUR PAWS/Newsflash

“Andor, the fourth, was born in a private enclosure and stayed there with his parents until June of last year. We brought him and the others to our Bear Forest in Domazhyr.”

The organisation said the three rescued bear cubs were being kept at a contact zoo near the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

At the petting zoo, the cubs were forced to serve as selfie companions and were not growing up like young bears should, according to Four Paws.

Animal activists were made aware of the situation and the cubs were later transferred to the bear shelter.

Three bears playing with the snowman in the Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr in Ukraine. (FOUR PAWS/Newsflash)

Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr said on its website: “Now, their life has taken a completely different turn. They are enjoying every single moment since their arrival at their forever home. These three adorable cubs are already very comfortable in their new enclosure, where they spend a lot of time in their pool and playing with enrichment and each other.”

Caretakers have reportedly noticed that Jenny acts like the boss of the group and sets the tone during games, and Toby and Moris do not seem to mind her dominance.

The park added: “Currently they are being fed with a specific diet appropriate for their age, and all of them have great appetite.”

The footage shows the fluffy cubs devouring a snowman stuffed with treats such as carrots and apples.

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Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorWilliam McGee,  Agency: Newsflash

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