Moment Mum Giraffe Cares For Cute Calf At US Zoo

This is the moment a loving mum giraffe cares for her little calf several days after it was born at a US zoo.

The baby giraffe was born at Dallas Zoo in the US state of Texas and it weighs 160 lbs and is just under six feet tall.

A Dallas Zoo spokesperson told Real Press that the birth, which took place on 29th July, went smoothly and that it was Betty the mother’s first calf.

The spokesperson added: “Betty is already proving to be an affectionate and attentive mother.”

Credit: Real Press/@DallasZoo

In the footage, Betty is seen washing the cute calf with her tongue before breastfeeding it.

Dallas Zoo told Real Press: “The calf stays close to its mum, but it is slowly getting to know the rest of the group including its half-brother Kendi that was born on 2nd May.”

Betty is five years old and arrived from Jacksonville Zoo in 2016 as part of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums Species Survival Plan (SSP).

The zoo explained: “The SSP manages the population of endangered species, like the reticulated giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis reticulata), in human care with the aim of conserving genetic diversity and ensuring the long-term survival of the species.”

The calf’s father is 13-year-old Tebogo which came to Dallas Zoo in 2010 from the African Safari Wildlife Park in Ohio also as part of the SSP.

The zoo told Real Press: “Tebogo is very curious about the new calf and is a very sweet, outgoing giraffe that loves the company of his keepers and zoo visitors”.

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Story By: Marija StojkoskaSub-EditorAlex Cope,  Agency:  Real Press

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