Moment Defence Minister Hit In Face By Leaping Fish

This is the moment Moldova’s Defence Minister is hit in the face by a leaping fish which then drops down into the amphibious vehicle he is driving through the water.

The former head of the General Police Inspectorate Alexandru Pinzari, 47, is currently serving as the Minister of Defence of Moldova, and shared a video of the incident on Facebook, where it has been viewed 50,000 times.

Pinzari was taking part in a military exercise where he was travelling on board an armoured vessel when he was struck by the fish while standing up through the hatch.

The incident happened while he was navigating obstacles in the water and several fish leapt out of the water.

Credit: Alexandru Pinzari/Newsflash

One fish hit the politician full in the face before falling down the hatch and landing at his feet.

Pinzar found the incident amusing, writing on Facebook: “My friends, today I wanted to share this moment which caught me off guard and was quite funny.

“I admit that I am not a big fan of fishing, but I wish all fishermen the same luck as I had with this fish that I came across. I certainly didn’t expect it!”

Speaking to Newsflash when we enquired about the fate of the fish, Pinzari confirmed he was not a keen fisherman, but that there were others that were more than happy to have the unexpected catch.

Alexandru Pinzari/Newsflash
Defence Minister hit in face by leaping fish

He said: “I gave it to the soldiers who participated in the exercise.”

The defence minister accompanied the clip with the Status Quo song ‘In the Army Now’.

Former minister Monica Babuc commented on the video: “Wow! A memorable fishing moment!”

Netizen ‘Valeriu Manea’ said: “You’re lucky mermaids didn’t jump out of the water at you, they wouldn’t fit through the hatch!”

‘Vlad Rusus’ wrote: “Well done for not flinching, which shows you are a brave man.”

Alexandru Pinzari/Newsflash
Defence Minister hit in face by leaping fish

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