Moment Cute Baby Rhino Takes First Steps Outside

This is the moment cute baby rhino Nio takes his first tentative steps outside and the zoo has just welcomed his younger sibling into the world so he will have someone to play with.

The footage shows the adorable baby cautiously stepping out into the open for the very first time.

Video Credit: CEN/ Zoo Schmiding

This week rhino mum Niki gave birth to a baby rhino at Schmiding Zoo, a zoo located at Schloss Schmiding, a castle in Upper Austria, Austria. The latest addition is yet to be named.

Only three weeks ago baby Nio was born at the same zoo. Both rhinos have the same father Brutus, making them half siblings. Both are males.

A zoo spokesman said: “Nio keeps looking through to the neighbouring box where his half brother has just been born and wants him to come and play. But the new rhino still needs to learn to stand securely on its own legs.

Zoo Director Andreas Artmann added: “The latest birth is a further important success for the European Breeding Programme for white rhinos. And we hope that through this programme we can contribute to the conservation of rhinos around the world.”

Credit: CEN/ Zoo Schmiding / Selina Hauzenberger
Mum Niki with her offspring yet to be named

Nio is already to be seen running around discovering his new enclosure. At w week old Nio was filmed coming out of his enclosure at one-week old curiously exploring his new surroundings.

Weighing 50 kilos (110 pounds) at birth the rhino is quickly building up muscles and power and is keeping his mum busy.

Nio is the second baby for mum Nina. A rhino pregnancy lasts between 15-18 months, the longest amongst mammals.

Credit: CEN/ Zoo Schmiding / Selina Hauzenberger
Baby Nio born at beginning of October

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