Moment Crouching Cat Stalks Fat Bird On Roof And Gives It Kiss On The Beak

This is the moment a crouching cat stalks a plump bird on a rooftop and just as it looks like it is about to pounce on its prey, the cute moggy appears to give it a kiss on the beak.

The video was filmed in the city of Urumqi in the north-western Chinese autonomous region of Xinjiang, and the footage is going viral on the social network Douyin, also known as TikTok outside of China, this week.


The cameraperson said they saw the feline adopting a “hunting posture” and thought it was about to pounce on the chubby bird so quickly reached for their phone.

However, the cat’s motive for stalking the bird surprised the cameraperson. Instead of feasting on its flesh, the feline apparently wanted a kiss instead.

In the footage, the cat is seen crouching low on the roof as it slowly moves across the wooden beams towards a distracted bird.

A cat that appears to be ready to attack the pigeon ends up ‘kissing’ it in Urumqi, China.

While looking around, the bird apparently spots the advancing cat but remains fixed to the spot.

The cat, apparently noticing it has been rumbled by the bird, quickens its step and promptly looms over its prey.

The bird doesn’t even startle when the predator is just millimetres from its face and apparently accepts its doom.

However, instead of ripping the bird to shreds in a shower of feathers, the cat seemingly gives it a smacker on the beak and follows it up with a second kiss.

The cat then backs away and casts a surprised look at the camera as the bird bashfully looks away.

A cat that appears to be ready to attack the pigeon ends up ‘kissing’ it in Urumqi, China.

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Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorJoe Golder,  Agency: Asia Wire Report

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