Model Disfigured By Leopard Shares Images Before The Big Cat Pounced In New Calender

The disfigured model whose face was torn apart by a leopard during a photoshoot has shared images of her 2022 calendar featuring the wild cat moments before it pounced.

Jessica Leidolph, 36, also known as Lady Butterfly, shared images of her flicking through her 2022 calendar on social media.

The page for August will always be etched in the model’s mind. Seconds after posing with the leopard Troya, 16 years old, the big cat pounced and bit her face and head.

The 2022 calendar with the disfigured model whose face was torn apart by a leopard, Jessica Leidolph.

Jessica, who also worked as an animal rights activist and a physiotherapist, was critically injured after Troja attacked her out of nowhere during a photoshoot at a retirement home for show animals in the German city of Nebra.

The model, who comes from the German state of Thuringia, underwent surgery after she was taken to the nearest hospital by helicopter on 24th August.

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According to local media, Jessica entered the leopards’ enclosure at the ‘Seniorenresidenz fur Showtiere’ (retirement home for show animals) when the 16-year-old leopard suddenly attacked her.

Troja and another leopard living in the enclosure named Paris, 18, had once graced TV screens in an advert for multinational electronics giant Panasonic before they were moved to the 850-square-metre (9,150-sq-ft) retirement home in the German state of Saxony-Anhalt.

The disfigured model whose face was torn apart by a leopard, Jessica Leidolph, holding the calendar for 2022.
(Lady Butterfly, Fotomodel & Klavier-Komponistin/Newsflash)

Jessica, who was brought to the hospital with severely bleeding wounds and was immediately operated on, told Bild after the surgery: “It repeatedly kept biting my cheek, ear and head.”

She said she lost consciousness and the next thing she heard was the helicopter airlifting her to hospital.

However, instead of holding grudges, Jessica, who will reportedly have to carry the attack scars forever, has now shared images of the photoshoot as her new calendar is printed ahead of the new year.

She said: “I have been making yearly calendars with sexy photos of me and my proteges for many years.

“The sales will be used to maintain my private animal sanctuary.”

Photo model Jessica Leidolph whose face was torn apart by a leopard.

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