Musician Who Says Whale Spoke To Her Vanishes At Sea

A German Jazz singer who claimed a huge white whale visited her during meditation and told her to make a documentary about whale music has vanished during a 30-metre dive to record the animals.

Marina Trost, 43, from Osterhofen, a town in the district of Deggendorf, in Bavaria, Germany, dived from a whale-watching boat together with a dive guide, but failed to resurface.

Video credit: CEN/ AMA’ARA The SONG of the WHALES

The guide returned to report that Trost had left them and gone back to the surface some time earlier. But when Trost failed to appear, police and rescuers were called.

Trost has spent the last few months together with a documentary film diving in the South Pacific ocean around Tongatapu, the main island of the Kingdom of Tonga to film for her project called “Ama’ara – The Song of the Whales”.

CEN/ Facebook Marina Trost
German Jazz singer and missing diver Marina Trost

When the incident occurred, Trost had been exploring the “Cathedral”, a well-lit natural amphitheatre some 100 metres (328 feet) by 50 metres (164 feet) wide with a maximum depth of 30 metres (98 feet), on the northern tip of ‘Eua, a small island in Tonga,

Poor weather conditions have been hampering the search but her diving weight belt was later found 30 metres below sea level close to where she vanished, and later after that her fins were found on the floor of the so-called “Cathedral”.

Marina Trost’s mother Erna, 81, said: “I fear my daughter has been ripped away by the current. Not knowing what happened is proving very difficult for me.”

CEN/ Facebook Marina Trost
German Jazz singer and missing diver Marina Trost

The search continues. On her website Marina describes how she was inspired to do the project while meditating.

She said: “In February 2017, I started meditating in my apartment in Munich, in Germany. I closed my eyes and within a few seconds a very big eye appeared, followed by the incredibly beautiful and impressive body of a huge white whale.

“‘She’ introduced herself and immediately started to communicate with me. The next moment I received from her what I call a ‘download’.”

She described the download as a message which was essentially: “We want you to come to us, out on the ocean, sing with us and do a documentary film about it.”

CEN/ amaarafilm
German Jazz singer and missing diver Marina Trost

Marina continued: “Within one instant she told me what do do, where, when, with whom and why. I saw the whole film in front of my inner eye.

“This vision was so strong, so remarkable that I rapidly started to make it a reality by following this instructions step by step.

“Everything I’ve experienced ever since I did this meditation not only moved, touched and changed myself deeply, but also the whole AMA’ARA film team.”

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