Minion Fan Takes Dads Jaguar For 155Mile M-way Joyride

This 10-year-old wearing a Despicable Me-themed Minion T-shirt was stopped by traffic police after he stole his dad’s Jaguar and took it on a 155-mile motorway joyride.

The underage driver identified by his nickname ‘Long Long’ took his dad’s car keys after an argument and tried to drive to his grandparents’ house. He claimed he was 20 years old when stopped by authorities in the city of Changzhou in East China’s Jiangsu Province on 21st October.

Credit: AsiaWire
The boy being questioned by police

The authorities were ordered to intercept Long Long and his dad’s Jaguar XFL when he was involved in a hit-and-run.

Traffic cameras caught him leaving the Shanghai-Chengdu Expressway and entering the Fangmaoshan Service Area.

By the time he was stopped, he had done some 250 kilometres (155 miles) in five hours on the motorway and was also sought for the rear-ending of another car.

Long Long’s grandparents live in the same province about 250 miles away.

Changzhou traffic policeman Ye Bing said: “When I spoke to him, the cheeky boy lied and said he was 20, and that he had left his licence at home.

“It was obvious that he looked about 10 years old.”

Credit: AsiaWire
The boy’s father’s Jaguar XFL

Long Long grew up with his grandparents but moved back to his parents last month.

He often argues with his parents and was heavily scolded the night before for his poor school performances.

His father, Mr Qian, said he and his wife only noticed the car and their son missing when he prepared to drive him to school the following morning.

Mr Qian said: “I opened the garage and found the car missing. I got scared because my son was missing too and I thought he had been kidnapped.

“I didn’t think it was possible that he drove it away. He can’t drive!”

Long Long said he did not bring any cash with him, but there was 15 RMB (1.6 GBP) inside the car.

Credit: AsiaWire
The boy and his family leaving the police station

He did not have to worry about toll roads because the motorway uses electronic toll collection.

Long Long told police he does not know how to drive, but added: “I just copied what my dad does.”

Changzhou police gave Long Long and his parents a warning and allowed them to leave with no punishment.

It was not revealed who will pay the costs of the damage for the car accident.

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Story By: John FengSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Asia Wire Report

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