Military Wifes Viral Bedside Interrogation Of Hubby

This viral video now viewed more than 20 million times shows the moment a tough wife who is in the Chinese military carries out a bedside interrogation of her hubby, a senior customs official, who admits to being a serial cheater who aided smugglers in exchange for sex and cash.

The confession was filmed by his wife, surnamed Bu, who is an active member of the Chinese military tasked with working to improve public security.

Video Credit: AsiaWire

Authorities with Dalian Customs in the port city in China’s north-eastern Liaoning Province are investigating the man in the video, Guan Zhaojin, 37, over allegations that he accepted bribes and allowed goods to be smuggled into the country without checks.

In the trending video on social media, Guan, who is a former member of the People’s Armed Police in provincial capital Shenyang , admits to “improper relations” with a number of women working as ‘daigou’.

The phrase translates as ‘surrogate shopper’ and refers to individuals who purchase products – often luxury goods – overseas and bring them back into the country to sell for a markup.

The industry is booming in mainland China where imported goods become overpriced due to tariffs.

Guan Zhaojin

Guan’s wife questions him in the video as he confesses his relations with the women, of whom there are said to be 14.

In a lengthy interrogation, Bu alleges that her husband aided “professional surrogate shoppers”, allowing them to avoid customs checks, in turn abetting tax evasion in exchange for a profit.

She claimed her husband “begged” her not to make the scandal public.

She then ended the post asking for her husband to be punished.

Local media quoted her a saying: “It’s too late for our marriage already. I just hope he, as an adult and a civil servant, takes responsibility for his actions.”

Dalian Customs has suspended Guan pending the results of the investigation.

Story By: Scott FengSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency: AsiaWire

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