Mike Tyson Evokes Chairman Mao In Video Promoting Return

Mike Tyson has bizarrely promised to return with the “spirit of Chairman Mao” if he makes a stunning comeback to boxing in a video showing off his impressive hand speed.

Boxing legend Tyson, 53, made recently made shockwaves with a video showing off his training for an unlikely comeback and he has added more fuel to the fire in a video announcing his return to the Chinese social media platform Weibo.

In the video, a topless Tyson says: “Hey I’m Mike Tyson, I’m on Weibo now, I’ll let you know there’s a possibility I might come back, but if I do I’m going to fight with the spirit of Mao.”

Credit: Golders/@Tyson

He then flexes his right arm, where he has a tattoo of the former Chinese dictator, before throwing a series of his trademark power punches with impressive speed.

His pugnacious display is cut short when a fluffy white dog jumps up at him next to a swimming pool and he bursts into a smile before asking the person recording how the clip looked.

Weibo users were quick to comment on the boxer’s clip, which has received over 1.4 million views, with ‘Xibeiqu Keke’ writing: “‘I’ll fight with the spirit of Mao.’ Mike Tyson has a portrait of Chairman Mao on his right shoulder.”

Credit: Golders/@miketyson
Mike Tyson

‘Anonymous Fan’ wrote: “I’ll call Donnie Yen for you.”

‘Baishui Yangtou-young’ said: “He may have gained a few years, but he looks a lot kinder than before.”

‘Liu Zhuang Beijing’ added: “Forever boxing king. Idol.”

Tyson now has 1.4 million followers on the platform which he was previously a member of in 2013 before his account was deleted.

His profile picture on the platform features a cartoon version of his face with an ear in his mouth, a reference to him biting off a chunk of Evander Holyfield’s ear in their infamous 1997 rematch.

Credit: Golders/@Tyson
Mike Tyson saying he is back

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