Mentally, Bodily Vulnerable People in Society

Story by Ajda Ender

People born mentally and physically vulnerable cannot benefit from their rights to life in society and social life, families of people who are mentally and physically unable to defend themselves face many violations of the right to life.

They are asked to leave the houses and apartments they live in, they are excluded from society,  and they encounter reactions from people while wandering the streets.

People with mental and physical health problems and their families are subjected to violence in the society, they are traumatized, there should be special roads and special vehicles for these people, they need to have a private health system, they need to benefit from their health rights, their health rights are usurped, they cannot access health rights.

These people who behave differently in their homes due to their health problems and their families are asked to leave their homes, they are not wanted in the apartments they live in, they move out of their homes, they cannot find a house to live in.

These people face discrimination crimes, human rights conventions prohibit people from being excluded due to health problems, people in the society are exposed to discrimination due to the health problems they experience.

Society should respect mentally and physically vulnerable people, society should respect these people’s right to life

It is a crime to show people social mental behavioral violence, it is a crime to traumatize people by usurping their innate human rights.

Social violence should be punished by law.



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