Man Sells Childhood Painting Online For 1.8 Million GBP

This Russian man is selling a childhood painting he did of a stick-figure on a horse for 1.8 million GBP.

Journalist and TV producer Vladimir Mkrtchyan, who hails from the western Russian capital Moscow, has reportedly decided to try his luck in the world of modern art.

Mkrtchyan posted a painting he did as a child on the popular Russian platform ‘Avito’.

The ‘work of art’ is titled Red Army Man on a Horse and appears to have fold lines.

Credit: CEN/
Rumpled children’s drawing

Reports said the painting was created in 1984 when Mkrtchyan was six years old.

His asking price for the childhood painting is 140 million RUB (1.8 million GBP).

The advert says: “I put my entire soul and all my childhood joy into it.”

The artist also said that he believes the painting is worth more money, but he is willing to let it go cut-price.

He said the artwork will bring love and harmony to its new owner.

If he sells the painting for his asking price, the man plans to change his life completely.

In an interview with Central European News (CEN), Mkrtchyan said: “I plan to move abroad and expand my business with the money. I will also donate some of it to charity.

He said the painting has been stored in the attic of a relative’s house for many years and every now and then a family member would bring it down to marvel at it.

Mkrtchyan told CEN that he is “an artist in the broader sense” and plans to donate some of the sales to the charity ‘Podari Zhizn’, which has a sister charity in London known as ‘Gift of Life’.

The charity was founded by famous Russian actresses Dina Korzun and Chulpan Khamatova, aimed at helping children and young adults with oncological and blood illnesses.

Mkrtchyan told CEN that several collectors, as well as a gallery in Saint Petersburg, are interested in his childhood painting and are trying to negotiate the price, with the journalist remaining firm on his 1.8 million GBP asking price.

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Story By:  Anastasia SmirnovaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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