Man Pours Oil On Road To Stop Kids Playing Football

This is the moment a fed-up neighbour pours slippery engine oil on the road to stop a group of teens playing football outside his home.

The incident was filmed in the city of Bacau in the central Romanian county of Bacau and shared on Facebook where the video has been seen 409,000 times.

Video Credit: CEN/@Bacău-Bun-și-Rău

According to local media, the group of boys was playing football on the road outside the man’s apartment when he suddenly appeared with a bucket of engine oil.

Complaining that they were being noisy, the man then spread the oil across the teens’ playing area to make them stop.

One of the boys filmed the moment the grumpy neighbour poured oil on the road to make the surface unusable for games.

Credit: CEN
The man was upset by the noise of the boy`s game

In the video, the stunned boys look on as the man spoils their playing area with oil and one of them cheekily says: “No problem, sir. We will wait until it dries.”

When the teen’s wry comment draws a laugh, the grumpy man warns: “Don’t you dare try to make a fool of me.”

Netizen ‘Catalin Dragan’ shared the video with the message: “The gentleman poured hot oil on the street to prevent children from playing.

“What else does he want them to do? Stay in their house playing video games and taking drugs? The police should fine him because the street is not his property!”

After the video was widely circulated, the authorities did take action, according to reports.

Bacau police spokesperson Oana Cojocaru said: “The man has been identified and fined with 1,000 RON (190 GBP) for breaking law 211/2011 regarding environment protection and waste management.”

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Story By: Gabriel ZamfirSub-Editor:Joseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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