Man Caught Catapulting Contraband Into Prison

This is the moment cops arrest a man for firing drugs and mobile phones into a prison yard using a giant catapult.

The incident took place at the high security La Tramacua prison in the city of Valledupar in northern Colombia when the suspect, identified as Henry Geovany Ortiz Chavez, 24, was spotted by cops.

Video Credit: CEN

As seen in the footage, the young man was launching contraband via a giant catapult.

In the video, cops are seen approaching the suspect with their guns raised and telling him to lie on the ground.

According to local media, the police seized 73 packages containing 14 mobile phones, 60 SIM cards, 26 chargers, 35 grammes of cocaine, 1,800 grammes of cannabis, 80 sexual stimulant capsules and 38 bottles of alcohol.

The seized drugs

The distance from the giant slingshot to the prison is a distance of 70 metres (229 feet).

Reports said that Ortiz Chavez has been placed at the disposal of the public prosecutor’s office to be charged with drug trafficking.

Netizen ‘Enith Villalobo Amador’ commented: “If this was in another part of the world I would not believe it, but being in Colombia I can totally believe it! Everything happens here!”

‘Esperanza Gaviria’ said: “Colombians have real talent!”

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Story By: Angjela Trajkovska, Sub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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