Man, 21, Poses For Final Snap At Beach Bar Moments Before Swimming In Sea And Disappearing

This image shows a 21-year-old man enjoying refreshments at a beach bar moments before he went to take a dip in the sea and disappeared, presumed dead.

The victim, named as Valmir da Silva, and three friends and relatives visited the small local community of Itanhaem on the coast of Sao Paulo State in Brazil when the drowning incident took place on 15th November.

Valmir da Silva who dissappeared in the sea in Itanhaem in Sao Paulo in Brazil in November 2021.

His family said the group was visiting the coastal town for the first time and Valmir posed for a photo minutes before he went in the sea and was never seen again.

His brother tried to find him, but also got into difficulties in the water and even had to be revived on the beach by a surfer, according to the family.

Valmir’s sister-in-law Larissa Fernandes de Santana, 24, said the victim, his girlfriend, and his brother went in the sea at around 4pm, adding: “It seemed very quiet. I stayed at the bar where I could see all three of them until I got distracted.

“When I turned back, I could only see Valmir’s girlfriend.”

Valmir da Silva who dissappeared in the sea in Itanhaem in Sao Paulo in Brazil in November 2021.

She added that the woman appeared worried because she could not see the other two and got out of the sea to ask for help.

Larissa continued: “By that time, Valmir was already starting to drown… his brother tried to save him, but it turned out that they both got into trouble.

“Workers at the bar called the fire brigade, but before they could arrive, a man on a surfboard saved my husband, but not Valmir.”

According to the local authorities, a search team has been looking for the victim’s body since Monday, but have not yet located it.

The search continues.

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Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorJoseph Golder,  Agency: Newsflash

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