Locals Claim Mythical Blood Sucking Creature Killed 18 Sheep In Mexican Ranch

A mysterious animal has attacked several sheep in a Mexican ranch killing more than a dozen and leading some to believe it was done by a mythical blood-sucking creature known as a Chupacabra.

The shocking discoveries were made at the ranch ‘Santa Lucia’ located in the municipality of Medellin de Bravo in the Mexican state of Veracruz.

The local farmers reported their first attack on 25th December 2020. However, they continued and reported a further three incidents on 28th December, 12th January and on 21st February with all of them happening at night.

They farmers ruled out theft as their sheep had not gone missing but only showed signs of being attacked.

Credit: Newsflash
The injuries to cattle at the Santa Luca ranch, located in the state of Veracruz, Mexico, from attacks of an unknown animal that occurred since December 25th 2020

Veterinarians who studied the wounds on the 18 dead animals said they did not believe they were done by a predator as the bite marks were not consistent with those of a coyote, bat, dog, lynx or any other found in the region.

The images show some of the injured sheep showing wounds on their muzzle or neck after they were reportedly attacked by the creature.

The mysterious circumstances behind the attacks led some locals to believe they were done by the mythical creature known as the ‘Chupacabra’ (‘Goat Sucker’) that, according to legend, feeds on different animals but mostly livestock.

Chupacabra became well-known in Latin American countries and parts of the United States after someone first claimed to see it in Puerto Rico in 1995.

Sightings with varying descriptions of the animal have since been reported, however, it is still widely considered to be a supernatural tale.

The local farmers have lost as many as a reported 18 sheep since the start of the attacks and fear the mysterious creature could harm them.

However, local sources said they remain vigilant in hopes of capturing the animal which they claim kills for no apparent reason since it does not feed on its prey.

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Story By: Juan Mayes, Sub-Editor: Joana Mihajlovska, Agency:  Newsflash

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