Lifeguards Blow Dry Huge Bird Of Prey After Sea Rescue

This is the moment lifeguards warm up a huge bird of prey they saved from drowning with a hair dryer before releasing the freshly blow-dried flapper into the wild.

Local media report the lifeguards spotted the black kite (Milvus migrans) in the sea off Golden Beach in the city of Tuen Mun, in Western Hong Kong’s New Territories.

Video Credit: AsiaWire/Lifeguards Union

One of the team of lifeguards then went out into the water in a kayak and rescued the struggling bird, bringing it back to dry land as can be seen in the photos.

Credit: AsiaWire
This is the moment the lifeguard is bringing the rescued black kite on his kayak back on the shore

In the video, the team can be seen using a hairdryer to dry the bird’s feathers and keep it warm.

A lifeguard then carefully picks the kite up and places it in the doorway of the building before it flies off down the road.

Local media report the rescuers spent 30 minutes looking after the bird and giving it water before releasing it.

The black kite is widespread through the temperate and tropical parts of Eurasia and parts of Australasia and Oceania.

It has a wingspan of around 150 centimetres and eats small live prey, fish, household refuse and carrion.

it is an opportunistic hunter and has been known to take birds, rodents and bats.

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Story By: Alex CopeSub-Editor: Joseph Golder; Agency: Asia Wire Report;

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