Landlady Gives COVID Nurse 2 Months Free Rent As Thanks

The landlady of this young nurse has told her that she can stay in her flat rent-free for the next two months out of gratitude for the work she is doing battling COVID-19.

Mayra Beron, 32, works at the Hospital Municipal Leonidas Lucero in the city of Bahia Blanca in the eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires.

According to local media, the nurse’s landlady Mercedes Fonseca told her that she can live rent-free for the next two months as thanks for the hard work she is doing.

Beron told local media: “I was on call and I told her (the landlady) that I would transfer the rent money when I left work. The landlady did not know until that moment that I worked as a nurse because I never told her.”

Credit: Newsflash/@mayra.beron
Mayra Beron (right)

She added: “I told her then that I was a nurse so she spontaneously told me not to pay the next two months of rent to thank me for what I was doing.

“She never saw me, she trusted me because I rented the flat through her brother-in-law who is a friend of mine.”

The nurse said she was touched by her landlady’s gesture, but also described the abuse some healthcare professionals are receiving on the street.

Beron said: “People have to know, there are people like her and then there are others.

“We have received blows and discrimination. When I get on the bus the driver says there are medical professionals and some people get off.”

According to the latest data from the Johns Hopkins University, there are 1,894 people infected with COVID-19 in Argentina, 79 deaths and 365 recoveries.

Credit: Newsflash/@mechita.fonseca.5
Mercedes Fonseca

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Story By: Jonathan MaciasSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency:  Newsflash

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