Kitler – Kitten With Hitler Moustache Dumped In Holland

This curious-looking feline has set tongues wagging online with thanks to its ‘moustache’ which has led to comparisons with Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler.

These images show the kitten – which was picked up by the animal ambulance from a box in Amsterdam North, in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

The animal given the name Dolfje has a black ‘moustache’ caused by the effect of a black stripe of fur under its nose.

These types of felines are commonly known as ‘Kitlers’.

Credit: CEN/@DierenAmsterdam
The cat with ‘moustache’

Despite its distinctive physical traits – the animal rescue crew didn’t hold it against the adorable kitten

Tweeting about their new furry pal they wrote: “Good morning… we start the day with disbelief. Found in a box in the #Molenwijk #Amsterdam He spent the night with us and from a reliable source we can report that he didn’t sit much in his cage. We called him Dolfje and almost ate him.”

According to reports, the kitten is doing well and has been taken to the Animal Shelter in Osdorp, Netherlands.

They have sinced posted a cute update online which says that a foster home has now been found for the adorable kitten following a flood of responses from people looking to give the curious looking feline a home.

The post read: “HOOOOOO! I’m Dolfje. Maybe you read about me at AT5. Found in a box in North. You don’t do that, put a kitten in a box ?! No idea why my previous owner did that. There is nothing at all going on with me, I am super healthy and sweet. And I’m soooo happy to be out of that box and that DOA is taking care of me now! I’ve been checked, get food and cuddles, and going to foster home soon. So nice! That also means, unfortunately, it is not possible to adopt or book me. Because a lot of people have asked about me already. And I think that’s super sweet, but I’m going to grow up first. But there are here at DOA many more kittens and moms!

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Story By: Delano Langras, Sub-Editor: Michael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

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