Kampusch Says Dutch Cellar Case Terrible

The Austrian “girl in the cellar” Natascha Kampusch has said the Dutch cellar case does not surprise her and that it is terrible.

Natascha was just 10 years old when she was snatched off the street on her way to school by pervert Wolfgang Priklopil.

Credit: CEN
Austrian cellar girl Natascha Kampusch

She told police he had kept her in the cellar for more than eight years until she escaped in 2006, but it later transpired that he had increasingly allowed her into the main house where he kept her as a sex slave inn his house in Strasshof in the north-eastern Austrian state of Lower Austria.

This week in an interview with local media she commented on the Dutch case which shows similarities to her own case.

Now aged 31, Kampusch said: “It really doesn’t surprise me, as there are so many such cases on the other places, which we just don’t know about but unfortunately where such cases are quite common.”

She added: “It really is terrible.”

Credit: CEN
Austrian cellar girl Natascha Kampusch

Earlier this week Kampusch also spoke out about the horrific cyber bullying she had become victim to and claimed it left her not even wanting to leave the house. She has just released a book on cyber bullying.

She is demanding internet police crack down on cyber bullying and claims she even received death threats.

She said: “When I look back at my past, the hostile behaviour was probably one of the worst things.

“The personal attacks on me and my family are the ones that hurt the most.

“I filed so many complaints, but nothing ever happened because the reports were always in a grey area. For example, if someone told me to ‘go die’, the police would see it as a kind of suggestion, not an acute threat. At some point, I got so tired of it.”

Credit: CEN
Austrian cellar girl Natascha Kampusch

She added: “The first comments you kind of ignore but when you have received more than 50, it makes you stop and think in what kind of world we actually live. People making these comments are usually from ‘the right side of the political spectrum’. Many are male, but also older women, which you just wouldn’t expect.”

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