Jealous Dog Dumps Pet Puss In Loo

A golden retriever dealt out its own brand of wuff justice when it caught its owner cuddling her pet kitten.

The determined pooch grabbed the perplexed puss by a tiny dress it had been made to wear to make it look cute – and dumped it down the loo.


The incident happened recently, in Shenyang, a city in China’s northeast Liaoning Province, where a woman only referred to as Ms Du in local media reports posted the video of her dog Duobao trying to dispose of the kitten in an ungracious manner.

Ms Du was reportedly taking a short nap alongside her cat when Duobao came over and suddenly grabbed the cat by her clothing and took her to the bathroom.

The surprised owner said she at first thought Duobao had decided to teach the cat how to use the toilet after dropping it on the seat, and stood in shock watching it then throw the kitten into the bowl instead.

Thankfully, the confused cat was not harmed and simply got itself out and left.

Ms Du caught the incident on video and later posted it on her Douyin account – a popular Chinese social app like TikTok.

Still in disbelief, she wrote the following caption on the video (in Chinese): “I really saw the beginning and never thought of the end.”

Her users laughed at the bizarre outburst of jealousy and added it was a good thing the dog didn’t flush the toilet. Many of them deemed the look which the dog can be seen giving its owner a warning.

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