Japan Female Workers Asked To Wear Badges If On Period

A Japanese shop that provides menstrual goods for women has asked its female staff members to wear badges informing clients if they are on their period or not.

The measure has been introduced at the Michi Kake store in the Daimaru shopping centre located in the city of Osaka in the southern Japanese prefecture of the same name.

According to local media, menstruation is still considered a taboo subject in Japan and in recent years companies have introduced novelty products such as Sailor Moon feminine pads.

Credit: CEN
Employees worked out the concept

Female staff members at the newly-opened store, which sells products dedicated to women’s sexual and menstrual needs, have been asked to wear badges stating whether they are on their period.

Wearing the badge is left up to individual staff members, but if they choose to take part, they pin a ‘period badge’ next to their normal name tag.

The badge features a ‘period cartoon character’ called Seiri-chan and is split into four categories.

The Blue period means the worker is menstruating, the Glitter Period is worn after the period, the Turbulence Period is for when staff members feel irritable and the Gloomy Period is for the moments leading up to menstruation.

Credit: CEN
Daimaru Umeda Michikake pre-open event

The shop also displays its products in line with the four categories.

As well as period products, the shop also offers underwear, medicine, herbal tea, makeup and sex toys, according to reports.

Store manager Takahiro Imazu told local media: “In Japan, there is a tendency for women’s sexuality and periods to be taboo subjects.

“Not every customer will react positively, but the fem-tech industry is booming and the values of young people are changing with it.”

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