International Journalist Author Ajda Ender Interviewed With Trans Woman Politician Niler Albayrak

Story By Ajda Ender

Trans woman politician Niler Albayrak, 57 years old

Niler Albayrak, who once worked as a sex worker by hitchhiking on the streets, later started to work as a sex worker in a brothel.

Niler Albayrak, Trans Woman Politician in Turkey

Niler Albayrak, who was HDP City Council Member from Istanbul Avcılar in 2014, cannot be elected with a slight margin.

2015 Chp Istanbul 3rd Region Deputy Candidate

She is the driver of Istanbul Avcılar Deputy Mayor Ender Balaban.

Niler Albayrak, a trans woman politician living in Istanbul, Turkey, works as a chauffeur in the municipality.

Niler Albayrak is a parliamentary candidate.

Trans Woman Politician Niler Albayrak says that she has not encountered physical violence in her political life, and that she has been subjected to violence in different ways.

Niler Albayrak has encountered behaviors that exclude gender identity in her political life and has been exposed to hate speech against gender identity.

Trans woman politician says that when she enters politics, some people in politics do not come together with her, people do not chat with her, she encounters exclusionary behaviors, and she is exposed to strange looks from people.

In Turkey, they see LGBTI individuals only as votes during election periods, she explains that the parliament keeps a distance to the issue of trans deputies entering the parliament.

Niler Albayrak explains that it is very difficult to be a woman in Turkey, it is even more difficult to be a trans woman, that their accommodation, work and living spaces are narrowed and they cannot enjoy their freedom.

Niler Albayrak says that trans women are exposed to the irritating glances of people on the street, at work, at home and in shopping, and are killed because of their sexual preferences.

Trans Woman Politician says she wants to live in a country where everyone is freer in terms of preferences, beliefs and expression.

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