Hunters Release Trapped Fox To Shoot It To Death

This is the moment hunters release a terrified caged fox only to shoot it to death moments later as it tries to sprint to safety.

The shocking incident was reported by the Spanish animal rights political party PACMA as the hunting season opens in the north-western Spanish region of Galicia.

In the video, a group of hunters can be seen dragging a cage containing a terrified fox.

One of the men then opens the cage and the fox sprints away, jumping over obstacles as the hunters fire three shotgun rounds at it.

Video Credit: CEN/@Marcoslrua

PACMA report the fox was shot dead in the incident. The political party, the only party in Spain which focuses on animal rights, posted this message: “Hunters lock what appears to be a fox and release it only to shoot it to death.

“Another ‘isolated case’ the hunting lobby speaks about. Every week there are a few ‘isolated cases’. Actually, they are dangerous psychopaths with firearms and weapons permits.”

It is not known where the video was recorded.

The incident comes as PACMA organised a protest in the city of Vigo against the opening of the hunting season in Galicia.

The fox running as the hunters are shooting at it

PACMA are working to have hunting banned in the whole of Spain and released this statement: “The hunting season for foxes in Galicia has been opened: hunts protected for environmental reasons and championships based only on competitive killing.

“Hunters are legally allowed to chase through the mountains and kill thousands of foxes. No animal should be shot to death. We will fight to make hunting a crime.”

The incident comes after a Spanish hunter made international headlines after he was filmed repeatedly hurling an injured fox through the air before hitting it with his gun and stamping on its head.

The Spanish Civil Guard managed to identify the hunter in the footage, 35, who reportedly confessed to carrying out the shocking act.

He has been charged with animal abuse and the case is ongoing. It is unclear if he was arrested.

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Story By: Ana LacasaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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