Huge Waterspout Spirals Just Off Formentera Coast

This is the moment a spectacular waterspout spirals in the sea just off the coast of Brit holiday hotspot Formentera.

The incident was filmed off Migjorn Beach in Formentera, the smallest of the Balearic Islands in eastern Spain, and shared on Twitter by netizen ‘Ricard Alvarez’.

In the footage, the waterspout, which forms over water and usually dissipates when it arrives close to land, is seen spiralling into the sky and joining with a large brooding cloud.

Video Credit: CEN/@ricalbru

The phenomenon reportedly appeared at 12.30pm and dissipated within an hour.

According to reports, low pressure causes the formation of tornadoes and other vortexes of fast-rotating winds, which are common in the Balearic Islands. 

Credit: CEN/@ricalbru
Caps de fiblo in Formentera

According to the State Meteorological Agency, further storms and possible vortexes are expected on Thursday afternoon.

Waterspouts have a five-part cycle starting with the formation of a dark spot on the water surface, then a spiral pattern. This is followed by the formation of a spray ring and then the funnel, before finally disappearing.

According to experts, most waterspouts do not suck up water, as is commonly believed. They are small and weak rotating columns of air over a body of water connected that are connected to a cumulus congestus cloud, a cumuliform cloud or a cumulonimbus cloud.

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Story By: Marija PetrovskaSub-EditorAlex Cope, Agency: Central European News

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