Huge Waterspout Spins Just Off Coast Of Mexican City

This is the moment a spectacular waterspout spirals in the water just a few feet off the coast of a Mexican city.

The natural phenomena took place in the port of Coatzacoalcos, a city in the Mexican state of Veracruz and as caught on camera by social media users.

Video Credit: CEN/@spcver

In the video, the waterspout can be seen moving along the coast of the port, passing just a few from the land.

The vortex rises high into the air as a cloud of vapour forms where it hits the water.

Video Credit: CEN/@ICCSV_oficial

According to the Ministry of Civil Protection, the waterspout affected homes and schools. 

Credit: CEN/@spcver
Waterspout in the coast of Coatzacoalcos

This ministry sent specialised personnel to carry out damage assessment and warned that rain, winds and floods are expected in the area, so they urged the population to take precautions in the case of more weather phenomenons. 

No injuries or disappearances people have been reported.

A waterspout is a vortex or whirlpool that occurs over water, usually associated with cumulonimbus clouds that are those that have great vertical development.

The phenomenon is similar to a tornado but less intense, it usually forms in deep waters and lasts a short time. They are associated with changes in atmospheric pressure, as well as the collisions of a cold front with a warm front that cause the vortex.

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