Huge Water Tornado Spirals Next To Barcelona Airport

This is the “incredible” moment a shocked onlooker films a “tornado” hitting Barcelona in Spain near the busy El Prat airport.

The incident followed a severe storm that affected the north-eastern Spanish coastline and videos of the columnar vortex were filmed in the Port of Barcelona and the municipality of El Prat de Llobregat in the autonomous community of Catalonia.

Video Credit: CEN/@omarswgamboa

Video Credit: CEN/@albertmartnez

One clip viewed over 11,000 times on Twitter shows the phenomenon twisting in the sky beyond buildings in the Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport.

The person filming can be heard exclaiming in surprise, saying the “tornado” is “incredible”.

Credit: CEN/@omarswgamboa
The tornado seen outside the Barcelona coast

Another video shows the tornado, which at first was a waterspout because it was over the sea, approaching the port and attached to a dark brooding cloud before it reportedly turned into a tornado and continued overland.

Meanwhile, the twister caused damage to a car park booth and several vehicles at the port, according to reports.

Local media said that no one was injured during the twister’s lifespan.

Credit: CEN/@albertmartnez
The tornado seen outside the Barcelona coast

Waterspouts have a five-part cycle starting with the formation of a dark spot on the water surface, then a spiral pattern. This is followed by the formation of a spray ring and then the funnel, before finally disappearing.

They take place over water while tornadoes occur over land. In rare cases, a waterspout will continue moving onshore where it technically becomes a tornado.

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