Huge Torrent Sweeps Cars Through Town After River Floods

This is the moment a muddy torrent of water sweeps cars and pickup trucks down a street after a river flooded during a storm.

The incident was filmed in the municipality of San Gabriel in the western Mexican state of Jalisco and posted on social media where clips have been viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

Video Credit: CEN/@karlosramos

According to local media, a 36-year-old woman has died and three women aged 80, 61 and 60 are missing after the River Salsipuedes burst its banks.

Reports said that local schools have also been suspended since the flood caused chaos in the area.

Credit: CEN/@edgarernesto.ramosaguilar
The water coming down from the street

The incident occurred after heavy storms battered the region and was filmed by stunned residents. Footage shows the mass of muddy water sweeping away parked cars and felled trees.

Another video shows the water filling a street as witnesses record the extensive damage to built-up areas and nearby farmland.

According to local media, Civil Protection experts arrived to assist residents while a helicopter flew overhead to evaluate the extent of the damage.

Shelters have been set up to help residents whose homes have been affected by the flood.

Civil Protection spokesman Martin Contreras Gildo said that a 10-person team consisting of helpers and medics was sent to the town from his unit.

Meanwhile, state governor Enrique Alfaro asked for residents to remain calm on Twitter.

There have been no further updates on the three missing women as the clean-up operation continues.

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