Huge Neolithic Necropolis Unearthed During Road Works

A Neolithic necropolis has been discovered during road works in Romania.

The ancient site was found during the construction of the south section of the Timisoara Ring Road near the commune of Sag in the Romanian county of Timis in the historical region of Banat.

Researchers said the site holds the largest crematorium from the Neolithic era, between 10,000 and 4,500 BC, ever found in the region.

Credit: CEN/@DRDP.Timisoara via Muzeul National Alba Iulia
Skeleton at archeological site near Timisoara

According to scientists, the necropolis contains hundreds of urns which hold the remains of cremated people who were interred with their belongings, a common ritual for the times.

Some vessels were reportedly filled with food and drink before being buried.

Archaeologist Gabriel Balan told local media: “Next to an urn, we found a bowl, two cups, and a jar. Most of the burials appear to be more or less the same.”

Credit: CEN/@DRDP.Timisoara via Muzeul National Alba Iulia
Archeological site near Timisoara

Meanwhile, scientists also found several graves including one with a skeleton observed in the fetal position who was apparently buried without any personal belongings.

Timis County culture official Victor Bunoiu said: “The latest findings are very significant. We already boast the largest crematorium and necropolis found in Banat from the Late Bronze Age, the largest necropolis from the 11th and 12th centuries, and the first Sarmatian tombs.”

Research at the newly-discovered Neolithic necropolis continues.

Credit: CEN/@DRDP.Timisoara via Muzeul National Alba Iulia
Archeological site near Timisoara

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