Huge Moose Impaled On Metal Fence Outside City Nursery

A huge dead moose died impaled on a spiked fence at a nursery school in the same city where a pedestrian was recently savaged by a bear.

The two incidents happened as animals increasingly reclaim locked down urban areas.

The latest discovery of the dead moose took place in the city of Yaroslavl in the western Russian region of Yaroslavl Oblast after the large animal entered the urban area and apparently tried to jump the metal fence.

It then apparently died in agony after impaling itself on the spikes at the Nursery School No.185 on the city’s Krasnoperekopskaya Street on 22nd May.

One resident told local media: “I was walking near my home when I saw the moose on the streets and I called my family to take a look, but after that we could not find it.

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“After driving along the street for a while, I then saw it impaled on the nursery fence. It was bleeding, but was still alive.”

The unnamed man called the emergency services who confirmed that the moose had died upon their arrival.

According to local media, wild animals have frequently been approaching city spaces since the COVID-19 lockdown came into effect.

Last week in the same city, a wild bear attacked a pedestrian named Evgeny Zolotov while he was walking along the street at night.

In the clip, Zolotov can be seen walking along the pavement when he suddenly stops. A bear can then be seen sprinting into the frame.

The animal appears to be running past Zolotov when it suddenly turns and charges right at him. The man tries to move out of the way but the bear manages to grab him and bite him before car headlights appear and the animal sprints away.

One day later, the bear was shot dead after officials admitted they feared it may have rabies.

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Story By:  Gheorghi CaraseniSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

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