Huge Meteorite Flashes Across Sunny Sky In USA

This is the moment a meteorite appears like a huge fireball in the sunny sky as it passes over a US city.

The incident was filmed over the city of San Juan, the northern capital of the unincorporated US territory of Puerto Rico, and multiple videos were posted on social media by local residents.

According to reports, the fireball in the sky was spotted at around 5.30pm in many parts of the Caribbean island with several videos being filmed at the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport near San Juan.

Video Credit: CEN/@LouisVtweeter

Video Credit: CEN/@Juanita_GL

The Caribbean Society of Astronomy confirmed that the meteorite passed over Puerto Rico in the early evening and could be seen by the naked eye.

A spokesperson for the Luis Munoz Marin International Airport said that their systems detected the meteorite, but it did not affect their operations and everything continued as normal.

The Caribbean Society of Astronomy said the meteorite disintegrated between 50 and 70 miles from the Earth’s surface.

Video Credit: CEN/@AeropuertoSJU

Video Credit: CEN/@AeropuertoSJU

Vice president Eddie Irizarry told local media: “We can also confirm that it made a noise similar to an explosion due to the shock waves and sonic boom it caused as it entered the atmosphere.”

He added that any falling debris was likely to have ended up in the sea.

Irizarry also reassured residents who were frightened by the phenomenon, saying: “It is another good reason to look up at the sky as amazing meteorites can pass at any time.”

Credit: CEN/@AeropuertoSJU
The fireball in the sky

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