Hubby Discovers 3 Of 4 Kids Not His After DNA Tests

A husband has thrown his cheating wife out of their home after discovering three of his four children were fathered by her long-term lover.

The cuckolded man identified as Rostislav Rusinov, 49, has now divorced his 18 years younger wife, identified as blonde-haired blue-eyed Lida, after taking a DNA test in the city of Perm in the west-central Russian region of Perm Krai.

Rusinov lived with his wife for over 10 years and suspected nothing until an unfamiliar woman suddenly called him to say: “Your wife is sleeping with my husband.”

He confronted his wife, who reportedly denied that she had a lover. Meanwhile, at the same time she proudly announced that he was going to become a father again with their fourth child, according to reports.

Credit: CEN/
Rostislav Rusinov and his ex-wife Lida, who cheated on him

The husband tried to believe her, but doubts gnawed away in the back of his mind.

He told local media: “I started studying my children carefully and realised that most of them did not look like me.

“Also, I started remembering that during our marriage my wife often behaved suspiciously. She would murmur something unintelligible and flee the house where a car was waiting for her.

“She would suddenly go away for a week, claiming that she had to visit her sister.”

When Lida delivered their fourth child, her husband searched for similarities between him and the baby but was unable to do so, and so he had DNA tests done.

The results showed that only one child was his while the other three were fathered by another man.

After being rumbled, Lida confessed that she did indeed have a lover, a married man with three children of his own.

Credit: CEN/
Rostislav Rusinov and his son

Rusinov said: “I found out that she was the mistress of a married man when she met me. When I saw her first, hearts started dancing in front of my eyes.

“I told her that I wanted a family and asked her to think it through and call me if she would like to marry me and try. Several days later, she called and said ‘yes’.

“She did not break up with her lover, and continued the relationship throughout our entire marriage.”

After learning the truth, Rusinov divorced his wife and threw her out of his home.

He currently lives with his two-year-old biological son Rostik. 

According to reports, Lida is now with her lover, who has not been named, although the lover remains married to his first wife.

Story By: Roksana PanashchukSub-EditorJoseph Golder,  Agency: Central European News

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