Horror Monkey Experiment Lab To Close After Outcry

The horror lab where undercover animal activists filmed monkeys strapped in metal harnesses and dogs left covered in blood is set to close after an international outcry.

The scenes at the German Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology in Mienenbuttel in Neu Wulmstorf, Lower Saxony became apparent through a joint investigation by Soko Tierschutz and Cruelty Free International and graphic footage was obtained as part of the joint operation after an undercover worker got a job at the lab.

The Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology confirmed that it will close once the latest monkey study being carried out for the company Merck has been concluded.

Video Credit: CEN/Cruelty Free International and SOKO Tierschutz

Soko Tierschutz said: “The location is to be closed and no new animal experiments will take place there on monkeys, dogs, cats or other animals.

“We call on the LPT and the authorities to hand over the dogs, cats and monkeys caged in Mienenbuttel to animal welfare and to enable them to live a life of happiness and self-determination for some of those animals who have suffered there for years.”

Dame Jane Goodall, who founded the Jane Goodall Institute and who is a United Nations Messenger of Peace, branded the footage the worst she had seen saying: “The footage shows some of the worst abuse I’ve ever seen on testing with animals.”

Credit: CEN/Cruelty Free International and SOKO Tierschutz
The beagle left suffering in blood after tests

The monkeys are set to be moved to a wholesaler in the Netherlands, but no further information has been released at this point about what will happen to the rest of the animals.

But Friedrich Mulln from Soko Tierschutz said: “We can find space for every animal. People will not allow these animals who have suffered for years at the lab to suffer more or be slaughtered.”

Soko Tierschutz is also engaged in ensuring that the animals are not simply moved to another location of the company in Neugraben in hamburg or Lohnsdorf in Schleswig-Holstein.

Mulln added: “We will not allow the animals to simply be moved. I am questioning when the public prosecutor will come up with consequences. For weeks vital evidence has been allowed to disappear and the prosecutor is still taking its time. It is a scandal, which not only endangers animals but also people.”

Credit: CEN/Cruelty Free International and SOKO Tierschutz
The monkeys being kept for experiments in metal harnesses

The protests against the lab where the biggest protests against animal experiments Germany has ever seen and Soko Tierschutz is planning another large demonstration this coming weekend, protesting at the lack of action from politics and authorities. They hope to force the closure of all three LPT premises.

Last week it emerged that former staff at the Laboratory of Pharmacology and Toxicology (LPT) in the German state of Lower Saxony said the results of animal experiments had been falsified with the knowledge of senior managers.

The two former employees at the LPT animal testing sites in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein also spoke of cruelty against rabbits and rodents and not only against monkeys and dogs.

One former employee said: “I didn’t just experience this, I also had to do this, I had to falsify documents. When the studies did not show the results we expected, I was told I had to make them more favourable.”

Credit: CEN/Cruelty Free International and SOKO Tierschutz
The monkeys being kept for experiments in metal harnesses

Another staff member claimed: “Tests were carried out with potential dangerous substances, particularly bad for the environment. In one study with rats, which resulted in many horrific deaths, the results were falsified. A lower dosage then brought the desired results.”

Friedrich Mulln from Soko Tierschutz said: “These statements just confirm how out of control the system was. We have reported the incidents to the prosecutor for alleged commercial fraud as well as further cases of animal abuse. The witnesses spoke about, for example, the horrific deaths of rabbits as well.”

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