Hero Customer Saves Ice-Cream Sellers Life With CPR

This is the moment a customer in an ice-cream shop helps save one of the workers’ lives by giving him CPR after he suffers a heart attack and collapses.

The startling incident occurred in the resort town of Foca in the Izmir province of Turkey and was recorded by the CCTV cameras in the ice-cream shop.

In the videos, ice-cream seller Nazmi Altintas can be seen sitting on a chair in the shop on his phone as his colleagues work when his head suddenly droops and he falls out of the chair unconscious.

Video Credit: AsiaWire

His co-workers see him on the floor and rush to try to help him, working to stop him from swallowing his tongue.

A female customer named Ozlem Ensari was waiting in the queue saw what had happened and went to help Altintas as she works at the Foca emergency unit station.

Credit: AsiaWire
Ice cream seller identified as Nazmi Altintas, falls on the ground while resting at the ice cream shop due to cardiac arrest

She first checks the man’s pulse and when she fails to detect a heartbeat she begins CPR treatment. The other workers can be seen using a desk fan to try to keep Altintas cool as Ensari pumps on his chest.

Local media report the CPR was successful and Altintas was brought back to life. In the video, paramedics can be seen taking him away on a stretcher for further treatment.

Credit: AsiaWire
In the meantime the paramedics with an ambulance came to the shop and took the patient

In his statement to local media Altintas said: “I only remember Ms. Ozlem saying ‘turn him on the side, he started breathing.’ Then I opened my eyes in the hospital.”

He added that he was lucky that she was his customer and continued: “She wasn’t called upon, she was a customer. She now became my child. I had two children, now I have three. If I am alive today, that is thanks to her.”

Altintas was diagnosed with cardiac arrest at the hospital and after his treatment was discharged and told to rest at home.

Credit: AsiaWire
Ozlem Ensari, the medical technician who saved the life of Nazmi Altintas

Ensari told local media that everybody should have a basic knowledge of first aid and said that the Ministry of Health organises courses for this.

She added: “Until the ambulance came, I brought back his breathing. The ambulance came, and thanks to their prompt and fast reaction Nazmi is alive. This is not my first time of course. Everybody who works in my job does this. 

“However, it is genuine happiness when you bring back somebody to life. I am glad to be doing this job. I hope everybody learns first aid.” 

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Story By: Sibel AbdiuSub-EditorJoseph Golder,Agency: Asia Wire Report

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