Herd Tramples Man Who Falls At Bull Running Festival

This is the moment a man is sent flying by a bull during at Spain’s famous bull running festival before a whole herd of the huge animals trample across him as he cowers on the ground.

The startling scene was recorded by an onlooker during the traditional ‘bous al carrer’ (bulls to the street) event held during the local festivities in Santa Quiteria, in the town of Almassora, in the eastern Spanish region of Valencia. 

Video Credit: CEN

In the video, dozens of people can be seen on the street when a black bull comes running into them, sending one man flying through the air and onto the ground.

The others in the street sprint away but the man on the ground, who has not been named in reports, then cowers with his hands over his head as a herd of bulls runs towards him.

Credit: CEN
The man walked over by the bulls during the parade

The animals appear to try to avoid trampling on the man and he tries to get up but is seemingly knocked back down by a bull as onlookers scream.

The man was one of four people reportedly injured in the event which only lasted two minutes. None of them were seriously injured and it is unclear if they were taken to hospital, although all four were reportedly injured by bulls.

The traditional festival sees bulls left free to run through the streets, as happens in the famous bull running in the city of Pamplona.

Fences are placed on the sides of the streets to allow participants to jump to safety when the bulls are running towards them.

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Story By: Ana LacasaSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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