Heatwave Kills Hundreds Of Cattle In Argentina

Hundreds of farm animals have been killed by the stifling 45-degree-Celsius heatwave currently affecting many parts of Argentina.

According to reports, the eastern Argentine province of Buenos Aires has seen cattle drop like flies in the intense heat while Liniers Market in the capital city reported the death of around 150 animals.

The extreme weather conditions have even led to firefighters dousing animals with water to cool them down.

Video Credit: CEN/@apriledaniel

Hundreds of animals were found dead in feedlots and inside lorries being transported to different parts of the country.

While many died from the intense heat inside the vehicles, reports said others keeled over or slowly deteriorated after arriving at their destination.

Animals also suffered in the fields, with the heatwave immediately following a period of strong rainfall.

One farmer told local media: “Feedlot owners are worried because the problem keeps getting worse. The situation is very complicated and the heatwave has not finished yet. We are irrigating these days.”

Credit: CEN/@apriledaniel
The dead animals

President of the Argentine Feedlot Chamber Juan Eiras said: “It is tough at the moment and we are being vigilant. Some producers have called on us to take preventive measures”.

Gervasio Saenz Valiente, who has worked at Liniers Market for over 20 years, told local media: “It is the first time that I have seen so many dead animals, but it is also the first time that it has simultaneously occurred at a similar rate in feedlots and farms.”

The heatwave was caused by humid winds sweeping across from the Amazon and at present nobody has died from the heatwave, according to reports.

Last month, over 1,000 reportedly died in just a few hours during a recent heatwave in northern Argentina.

The incident took place at four different feedlots along a 15-kilometre (9.3-mile) route in the areas of Cafferata and Chanar Ladeado in the northern Argentine province of Santa Fe.

Also in January, a man cooked two steaks on the road surface to prove to doubtful pals that the weather really was as hot in the northern region where he was working as he claimed.

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