Head To Cops: Be Nice To Charming Pupil Who Stabbed Me

A head teacher has pleaded for officials not to be hard on a schoolboy who stabbed her with a knife so violently that the blade broke on her body adding that he was normally such a “charming boy”.

The 14-year-old, whose name has not been released, was furious after he was not allowed to sit the history exam because he had turned up late.

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He went home and came back, carrying a bag containing fireworks and a knife, and began shouting abuse at his history teacher, Nancy Gomez.

The teenager even threw a lit firework into the school hall at the Benjamin Gorostiaga School in the city of La Banda in the northern Argentinian province of Santiago del Estero.

Deputy headmistress Alejandra Diaz, 46, who had taught the boy, tried to calm him down, but the angry youngster started punching and kicking her before pulling out the kitchen knife.

The scene after the attack

He slashed at Ms Diaz with the knife, cutting her on the right arm and also the right ear, but then ran off when the blade broke against her arm.

Some builders who happened to be working in the school, along with another teacher, caught the teenager and restrained him.

Despite her injuries, Ms Diaz, came to the boy’s defence. She said she had been his class teacher in 2014 and described him as a “charming boy” normally.

She said: “He stabbed me as if he was breaking up ice, without stopping. He was going for my neck and stomach and I was trying to stop him with my arms, but I failed.

“I started to scream as there was lot of blood. He stopped when the knife blade broke against the bone in my right arm. He let me go and ran away.”

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Alejandra Diaz, the victim

Ms Diaz has been treated in hospital but was later allowed home. She is said to be suffering from shock and will be off work for at least two weeks.

Police believe the youngster brought the knife into school because he had wanted to hurt Ms Gomez as he was furious he had not been allowed to sit the exam.

Prosecutor Maria Pilar Gallo said the teenager had been arrested and was being held at a secure unit for young offenders. It is not yet clear if he will be charged.

An investigation is being carried out into his family and social background to try and determine the reasons for his behaviour.

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