Haunted House TV Turns Itself On With No Electricity

This footage shows a haunted house explorer visiting the derelict home when a television suddenly switches on with no electricity and its power cord apparently severed.

Zenith Chien, the self-proclaimed seeker of paranormal activities who got more than he bargained for, streams his adventures on Facebook under the online persona ‘Yao Yao’.

Video Credit: AsiaWire

His latest late-night adventures on 29th September took him to an abandoned residence in Daliao District, in Taiwan’s south-western port city of Kaohsiung, where there is a large concentration of military dependents’ villages.

The villages known in Chinese as ‘juancun’ were built by the Republic of China military in the late 1940s and 1950s as provisional housing for members of the armed forces and their dependents following defeat to Chairman Mao’s Red Army and the nationalist government’s retreat to the island in 1949.

Credit: AsiaWire / Zenith Chien
Paranormal activity explorer Zenith Chien was left with an unusual red eye after his visit to the abandoned and apparently haunted home.

As many of the former servicemen have now died, their former homes remain abandoned and often neglected by their descendants who see no value in maintaining the properties.

Mr Chien’s live stream, which lasted over 27 minutes, shows him exploring one of the homes last occupied by the widowed owner who herself passed away in 2016.

In the video, he walks through the large red metal gates and is surprised to find a live tortoise taking shelter underneath a cupboard.

As he explores the home in a state of severe disrepair, it becomes apparent that it had been abandoned in a hurry, with most of its furniture, appliances and even kitchen utensils left in their places.

Credit: AsiaWire / Zenith Chien
Zenith Chien describes himself as an avid seeker of paranormal activity, broadcasting his adventures on Facebook Live

Mr Chien repeatedly complains about the heavy smell of mould, and discovers the eerie portrait of the deceased male homeowner in the sitting room, with the man’s face having faded from the photograph.

In the footage, he can be heard apologising to the former serviceman’s spirit for trespassing on his home.

Towards the end of his live stream, as he walks out a room which appeared to have been ravaged by a fire, Mr Chien is shocked when the sitting room television suddenly turns on by itself.

He swears and watches as the appliance’s screen flashes blue for a few moments before turning off again.

Credit: AsiaWire
Yao Yao exploring the haunted house

The apparently shocked and shaken explorer says: “Why did the TV turn on by itself? How is there even electricity in a place like this?”

He frantically tries all the light switches, apparently confirming his theory that municipal power had long since been cut to the residence following the deaths of its former occupants.

The explorer then examines the ghostly television set to find that it has no plug either, further frightening him and many of his over 1,000 viewers at the time.

Mr Chien shouts: “There’s no electricity! Nothing is plugged in back here!”

The explorer apparently believes he has intruded on the homeowner’s spirit watching TV, so he apologises and leaves in a hurry.

Credit: AsiaWire
Yao Yao exploring the haunted house

Mr Chien stands outside the sitting room door and says: “Sorry, sir. You watch your TV. I’m leaving.”

He then ends the live stream by announcing: “That’s it. That’s all for today.”

How the television managed to turn on by itself despite the apparent lack of power is still a mystery.

Mr Chien said the incident severely traumatised him and left him with an unusual red eye for several hours.

He said he went to pray at his local temple after the scare.

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