Guinness Record For Worlds Priciest Chocolate Costing 6k

This chocolate costs an eye-watering 6,268.50 GBP per kilogramme and Guinness World Records have listed it as the planet’s priciest.

The chocolate, produced by the company Attimo Chocolate in Zurich, the capital of the canton of Zurich in north-central Switzerland, which launches this month, has already been awarded a Guinness World Record for the most expensive chocolate bar.

An 80-gramme bar of ‘La Chuorsa’ costs 640 CHF (501.75 GBP).

Credit: CEN/attimochocolate
The worlds most expensive chocolate from Attimo

The chocolate was developed by 32-year-old Alain Mettler whose special ingredients include saffron grown in the Swiss village Mund, crystallised orange crisps and 68 percent Chuao chocolate from Venezuela.

He said: “The result is an explosion for the taste buds. Only the very best ingredients are used, the smoky aromas help the chocolate melt on your tongue.”

The cocoa used comes from Chuao, a small village in Venezuela where it has been growing for over 400 years. Only limited amounts of the cocoa is grown each year. Normally there is a waiting list of over 19 years for the cocoa but Mettler managed to get hold of some.

Mettler has good relations to the Felchlin chocolate factory in Switzerland and founded his own company at the start of 2019 together with partner Olivia Madet, 27.

The product will be available to buy from the end of November.

Credit: CEN/attimochocolate
Other chocolates from Attimo

Mettler said: “We submitted our product to the Guinness Book Of Records.”

Guinness have since granted the record and now list the chocolate on their website as the world’s priciest.

Mettler is a trained chef and has worked in numerous five-star hotels, he tried many recipes before coming up with the perfect combination.

He said: “I’ve put on a few kilogrammes while testing this. I had to use the finest ingredients including saffron from Wallis.

“The saffron is the best you can get in terms of taste, aroma and quality. One kilogramme of the spice costs 30,000 CHF (24,000 GBP). It is not only the rare ingredients but also the combination of ingredients that makes the chocolate special.”

He added: “Customers are prepared to pay more for innovative, sustainable products.”

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