Guerrilla Artists Super Glue A Poo On Head Of Statue

Rebel artists are claiming responsibility for defacing a statue of former South African President F W de Klerk by super-gluing a poo on top of his head.

The Xcollektiv group says it was behind the prank in the city of Cape Town in south-western South Africa’s Western Cape Province.

They glued what was described as a painted clay turd onto the head of the statue in Noble Square in the V&A Waterfront Area of the city.

Statue of former president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate FW de Klerk was desecrated with faecer glued on it’s head

It is one of four statues of South Africa`s four Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, created by the internationally-acclaimed artist Claudette Schreuders, in the square.

The other three statues, which were left untouched, depict former ANC leader Albert Luthuli, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and former President Nelson Mandela.

The statue is the third targeted by Xcollektiv recently after similar incidents affecting statues of British imperialist Cecil John Rhodes and former Prime Minister Jan Smuts.

Xcollektivt is calling for the statues to either be removed, or better contextualised.

“These statues, as they stand, not only celebrate these individuals as ‘great men’ but through omission mask out the colonial and apartheid-era crimes of these individuals,” the group said.

“This meant for someone like FW de Klerk literally getting away with murder. He should not have received a Nobel prize.”

Statue of former president and Nobel Peace Prize laureate FW de Klerk was desecrated with faecer glued on it’s head

V&A Waterfront spokesperson Donald Kau said: “It’s an act of vandalism and we are stepping up visibility of our security personnel around this and other public spaces within the precinct.”

F W de Klerk Foundation spokesperson Megan Dick said only: “The foundation will not be commenting on something as despicable and uninformed as this act.”

Xcollektiv started in 2012 and consists of 21 visual artist, poets and writers who say they have no leader or spokesperson.

The group was behind the infamous ‘Wanted’ posters that depicted political and public figures as criminals in mock police mugshots.

F W de Klerk was South Africa’s last head of state during white-minority rule, he is credited with dismantling the apartheid system.

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Story By: Simon Glover, Sub-EditorMichael Leidig,  Agency: Central European News

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