Grenade Hidden In Playground Sparks Major Alert

These images show the hand grenade found hidden under a painted rubber tyre in a children’s playground that sparked a major police alert.

A parent of one of the kids that use the park spotted the man behaving suspiciously and hiding something in the tyre. When he went to investigate, he was shocked to discover the hand grenade, and called police.

Bomb disposal experts confirmed that the device was an RGD-5 antipersonnel fragmentation grenade specifically designed to cause carnage among enemy soldiers.

Credit: CEN
The RG5 Soviet Grenade disposed of in a playground

In the playground, the post-World War II Soviet weapon could have been deadly, but the bomb disposal experts quickly confirmed that the fuse had been removed even though the explosives were intact.

An investigation allowed them to track down the person that planted it there, who turned out to be a local resident in the city of Nicolaev in southern Ukraine.

He was turned in by his mother who saw the police operation and also handed over the grenade fuse to officers.

She said that she had discovered her son had bought the grenade home for unknown reasons, and she had removed the fuse herself and told him to dispose of it. She was not aware that he had simply dumped the device in the local playground.

Police said they were trying to work out where the man had obtained the grenade, and added that he had not particularly thought about what he would do with the grenade when he had obtained it. He faces between three and seven years in jail for possession of the weapon if found guilty and responsible for his actions.

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Story By: Michael LeidigSub-EditorJoseph Golder, Agency: Central European News

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