Girl Pins Hand-Drawn Poster Of Missing Dog Around City

This hand-drawn ‘missing poster’ by a heartbroken seven-year-old girl who lost her pet dog has moved netizens.

The touching poster was spotted in the western Peruvian capital Lima and posted online by Facebook user ‘Axel Saucedo Olano’ where it has been widely shared.

The poster reads: “Wanted. The dog is small and coloured black and white. Its name is Oso (Bear). If you find it, call this number. A seven-year-old girl is very sad, help me!”

Credit: CEN
The poster to search the missed dog

The poster included a cute doodle of a small dog with a green pen.

Some netizens were clearly moved by the child’s plea.

Social media user ‘Tatiana Martel Arevalo’ said “I clearly remember when my daughter started drawing like this when her kitten suddenly disappeared. It broke my heart and we stuck a poster with her drawings and description all over the place.”

‘Ricardo Oblitas Mendoza’ added: “Where there is love, there is hope.”

However, some netizens criticised her parents for appearing to not be helping the girl. ‘KT Rine’ said: “If her parents are not supporting her, maybe they abandoned the dog?”

So far, it is unknown if the youngster has managed to find her beloved pet.

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Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorJoseph Golder,  Agency: Central European News

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