Giant Celeb Crab That Became Influencer Is Returned To The Sea

A giant celebrity crab influencer known as ‘Yura’ that was used to promote its Russian home town at business conferences sent a goodbye message to its fans on social media as it was returned to its home in the sea.

Yura has been travelling across Russia attending business conferences and festivals where guests snapped up pictures with it saying it would bring them good luck.

The King crab (Paralithodes camtschaticus) announced on its social media page that after successfully promoting its home region of Murmansk at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum SPIEF it was heading back to its home under the waves.

Credit: @yura_the_crab/Newsflash

Yura ‘announced’ the move to his followers that it was time to return home in a farewell message that read: “Guys! I’m done here! I’m leaving! .. Eh … the time has come! Thank you all for your attention!”

Yura added: “I would like to sing ‘I’m free!’ but it’s too early!”

The King crab had been on display at SPIEF in an aquarium acting as an unofficial delegate for the Murmansk promoting the ‘riches of the Arctic’.

After Yura’s success at SPIEF his newly found fame was used once more, this time to promote a local event near the village of Teriberka where he was caught in June.

After going on display in Teriberka the crab’s short-lived career as a delegate for his region came to an end.

A video on the crab’s social media account showed Yura being loaded onto a boat on the shore of the Barents Sea.

Yura was then ferried out to sea and released allowing him to return to his former life below the waves.

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Story By:  Andreea Tabarcea, Sub-Editor: James King, Agency: Newsflash

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