German Woman Crowned Miss White Sausage Queen

This young German woman has been crowned the “Bavarian White Sausage Queen” of 2019.

Franziska Schalk, 22, who grew up helping in her grandparents butcher’s shop, counts sausage making as one of her hobbies and now she has been crowned the sausage queen in recognition of her talents.

Credit: CEN/ Bernhard RauchCEN/ Franziska Schalk
Bavarian Sausage Queen Franziska Schalk

Franziska is from Augsburg in the German state of Bavaria, a region well-known for its white sausages, a popular snack together with a pretzel and a beer for breakfast, enjoyed by many Germans particularly during the October beer festivals.

The 22-year-old is now a qualified butcher after completing her apprenticeship and hopes one day to take over her father’s business.

Now she has also been crowned the Bavarian White Sausage Queen 2019 after having to complete various tasks such as sing a song about sausages, hold a speech about sausages and answer questions in a quiz about the local delicacy.

Credit: CEN/ Bernhard RauchCEN/ Franziska Schalk
Bavarian Sausage Queen Franziska Schalk

These included questions about the perfect way to cook the sausage, the perfect length, the best skin to use, and the ingredients to create the perfect sausage, and afterwards Franziska was crowned ahead of the other seven finalists. In total there were 38 contenders for the title.

Franziska said: “The job of butcher has lost some of its reputation of late and that is something I want to change.

“Being a female butcher is somewhat of a rarity, in my studies there were only three women out of the 33 of us. Many older butchers ridicule women in the job as a butcher, but I have completed the same studies they have.

Credit: CEN/ Bernhard RauchCEN/ Hans Kreitmair
Bavarian Sausage Queen Franziska Schalk

“Every butcher has a different way of producing white sausage. So every sausage is unique, that’s what makes us stand out in the industry. White sausage perfectly represents the Bavarian craftsmanship.

“For me the consistency is the most important thing, it has to be soft but still firm to the bite. It has to have the perfect taste, parsley and lemon have to come through in the taste. It is not easy to get the right mix.”

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