Fussy Toucan Uses Enormous Beak To Pick Out Tiny Peas From Lunch

Adventure world/CEN

This is the hilarious moment a toco toucan uses its gigantic beak to pick out tiny peas from its food.

In the footage obtained from the Adventure World zoo, located in the town of Shirayama, in the Wakayama Prefecture, Japan, the picky birdie can be seen lunching on the miniature vegetables, utterly ignoring the rich offering of delicious fruits on its plate.

Although toucans’ diet generally consists of various fruits and berries, this little giant-beaked guy seemingly can’t help but struggle for the meal it wants.

The situation appears even more extraordinary given the fact many scientists claim that toucans would eat just about anything, without making a fuss.

A toco toucan uses its large beak to eat deftly in Adventure world, Shirayama, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. (Adventure world/CEN)

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Story By: Simona KitanovskaSub-EditorMichael Leidig, Agency: Central European News

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