Fox Terrorises Neighbourhood After Conman Breeder Sells It To Boy Desperate For Puppy

A fox is terrorising a sleepy neighbourhood after a conman breeder passed it off as a Siberian husky and sold it to a young boy who desperately wanted a puppy.

The incident took place in the area of Sol Naciente in the district of Comas in the Peruvian capital Lima when the boy’s mother told him that he could go into town to buy a puppy to raise.

However, while choosing a pet, the animal breeder sold him a fox cub that was passed off as a Siberian husky puppy, according to the news site Infobae.

The fox that a family kept as a pet, after baying it from a seller that claimed it was a Siberian Husky puppy, in Lima, Peru, in November, 2021.

The boy began to raise the fluffy cub as a pet until it started to grow and became increasingly aggressive to family members, with the father soon realising it was a fox they were raising.

He also said that he noticed the smell of the animal’s faeces and urine was stronger than most dogs’.

During a severe storm in the area on the night of 24th May, the fox escaped from the home in fear and has since been left to roam the neighbourhood where it is often spotted on rooftops.

Meanwhile, local residents have been unable to catch the fox, now eight months old, since its escape.

To survive, the predator is reportedly feasting on the local community’s chickens, ducks and guinea pigs – at a cost to the boy’s parents.

The fox that a family kept as a pet, after baying it from a seller that claimed it was a Siberian Husky puppy, in Lima, Peru, in November, 2021.

The boy’s mother, named Maribel, said: “Sometimes, it eats four or five guinea pigs and I have to pay for them.”

A local resident who keeps guinea pigs in an outside wooden cage said the fox keeps gnawing through the metal mesh to pick off her little pets, adding that she often only finds their heads and skins.

Neighbours also complain about the strong smell of faeces left by the fox near their homes where children and elderly people live.

One unnamed resident told local media: “I have already spoken with the owner and she seems desperate. We need help, it needs to be captured and taken to the wild.”

The boy’s parents have also called on the local authorities to intervene and take the fox to its natural habitat.

On 4th November, the newspaper La Republica said it is proving difficult for the authorities to capture the fox due to crowds of people scaring it away, but they are planning to take it to Huachipa Zoo when it is eventually caught.

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Story By: Lee BullenSub-EditorWilliam McGee,  Agency: Newsflash

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